About Cross & Co.


Meet Erica

I specialize in curly cuts and styling through the lense of overall healthier hair. I've been in the beauty/hair business for 12 years.


I've made a strong connection with my fellow curly community and have become a huge advocate for owning our curls. I have fallen in love with helping others care and maintain their curly hair. I provide services for clients behind the chair and I teach continuing education classes for salon professionals.


I'm born and raised Dallas, TX for the most part and my husband Gabriel is from Memphis, TN. We have been together for almost 12 years now. It was acutally my husband that encouraged me to pursue cosmetology school! He has graduated from University of Texas at Dallas with his BS in Finance and UT Austin (hook 'em!) for his MBA. He now works at Apple in the Operations Deptartment. We are each other's biggest cheerleader, he is working towards pursuing his CPA then PhD while I'm working on building my business to the next level! Some of our hobbies include educational podcasts/documentaries and coffee/whiskey tastings. It's just us in this crazy life but I'm slowly weaning him into agreeing on us getting our first pet, a mini Aussie...preferably a Siberian cat too. *fingers crossed*

I'm looking forward to meeting yall and doing my part to provide value to your visit!!



Erica R. LeCross

Cross & Co. Salon - Owner



Meet Desiree

Hiii! I’m Desiree. You can even call me Desi! I’m a mom of one little boy and lots of animals. I’m also one of many curly girls that were fortunate enough to experience the trauma of many bad haircuts. Embracing your curls is hard when you don’t have the basics down, so I’m excited to help!

I’ve had a background in hair for about 5 years, and am a Toni&Guy graduate. I now get to pick Erica’s brain when it comes to everything curly, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to join.

I can’t wait to see those beautiful curls you have! You'll hear it over and over again.  

Desiree F.

Cross & Co. Salon - Stylist



Meet Vonnie

Peace, love, and light everyone! My name is Vonnie.


I've had a passion for hair since the age of 6. My barbies had the best hairstyles hands down, so you can say I was born to be a cosmetologists!
I have been in the industry for 10+ years. I enjoy cutting, styling and most importantly making my clients feel amazing. 

Life is already complicated, lets work together to make sure your hair isn't!

Vonnie M.

Cross & Co. Salon- Stylist


Meet Daniela

Hello beautifuls!  My name is Daniela, and I’m a Toni&Guy graduate with a passion for hair and creating memorable experiences along my journey! 


Aside from doing hair, I also love to explore my creativity through makeup and fashion. When I’m not at the salon, I’m on the mats training MMA with my friends and family. 


I’m thrilled to be in such an accepting environment like the one at Cross & Co. They have a special team and I'm grateful to be apart of it! I’m also looking forward to meeting Cross & Co’s curly girls! I have no doubt we’ll make meaningful connections along the way. 


Until then! :)

Daniela I.

Cross & Co. Salon Stylist


Meet Veronica

Hello, I am the receptionist for Cross & Co Salon! 


I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I'm a mother of 2 young boys who are my world! Most of my free time is spent with them playing, going to parks, or just being with each other. Some of my other hobbies/interests include drawing, playing video games, YouTube, and I recently started playing with a game developing software. Also, I plan on attending cosmetology school in the near future. Oh and fun fact, Erica is also my big sister. I am looking to learn all that I can in the salon to be able to help everyone out in the best way possible. Overall I'm a simple kind of girl that likes making people laugh and living life to the fullest! 



Veronica M.

Cross & Co. Salon - Receptionist



Meet Riley

​Hello I’m Riley !

Born and raised in Texas, currently reside in Denton ! I am a graduate from Ogle school I have a passion for the beauty industry and making others feel as beautiful as I can. You may see me around the salon helping out and learning with you. I’m excited to get my hands in curly hair!

As much as I’m here for my fellow stylists, I am also here to help clients whenever needed. Don’t be afraid to ask ! I look forward to meeting you ! :-) 

Riley H.

Cross & Co. Salon- Salon Assistant


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Brand Core Values

To Empathize. To Educate. To Encourage.

To Empathize: We want to hear your hair-story! Tell us all about yourself and how your hair effects your look. What is your hobby/lifestyle/work? What is a typical morning look like for you? What are your hair goals? What are your struggles? What do you love about your hair? What are your pros and cons in regards to your experiences in salons? We want to know it all! As much as you are comfortable sharing of course, but knowing your hopes and fears allows me to avoid things you may dislike and help out the best we can.


To Educate: We are passionate in helping clients love their hair by showng them step by step how to style their curls at home. Its all fine and dandy when one gets their hair done by a professional but then what about after?? As curly clients ourselves, our goal is to help all of our clients to know how to care for their curls. We invite clients to ask as many questions as they'd like. We are here to HELP!

To Encourage: We take JOY in being a part of our client's hair journey! We love watching the hair transform for the better before our eyes. With some clients, that happens right away and then there's others that require a bit more time but the end result is so gratifying when our clients send us photos or messages how we have helped them love their curls again. We want to encourage everyone to love their waves/curls! We are THANKFUL that with each client we are given the opportunity to assist in our own little way. 

To those who have visted us, thank you for trusting us with your hair.

To those who plan to, thank you for considering us.

xoxo- Erica R. LeCross of Cross & Co. Salon

Salon News

Nominated for the 2019 Addison Magazine Reader's Choice "Best Hair Salon"