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Curl Education

Salon Professionals Class (Licensed & Cosmetology Students): 

Learn about cutting & coloring curls to create your client's desired shapes and most to style them afterwards to really complete the whole look! There is a HUGE curl community out there that want your curl services. Curly clients fill the books of curly trained stylist because there just aren't enough knowledgeable stylists they can trust with their hair.

I am trained and certified in many curly cutting, coloring, and styling methods. Ill share basic concepts I have learned combined with my own personal touch upon my experience. If you have been looking for a course that touches on the details to execute a great curly look, then here you have it!

We will cover theory and watch a demo on a model first where you can take all of the notes your heart desires. Then you personally will work on a mannequin with close supervision to answer all of your curl questions.

Topics that will be covered:

-Curl types


-Curly products

-Diffusing & more!

Tools needed for the class:

- Apron

- Clips

- Shears

- Blow Dryer with diffuser

-Tripod for mannequin (curly mannequin will be provided)

-Way to take notes

The curly community is very underserved. Clients are now wanting to wear their natural curls therefore they want your professional assistance to cut, style, and educate them on their hair. With this investment in your career you will see clients coming from far and wide if you can help them with their curls! With these skill sets I was able to cultivate my dream vision for my career to service ideal clientele, working less while making more, and bringing home a great income doing it my way. YOU CAN TOO! You will make a return on your investment in no time.

Once you book, you will receive a confirmation email and a personal email from me directly keeping you posted with any additional details if necessary. Congratulations on making this major career move to serve the curly community & investing in yourself!

*if you don't see dates/classes available, please email us to to submit a request or be placed on a waitlist to be notified of future classes.

Looking forward to having you in!

If you have any other questions and/or are interested in doing a Zoom or in person consultation to chit chat with me feel free to email our manager 

Erica R. LeCross

Cross & Co. Salon Owner & Educator

IG: @crosscosalon

Pink Earth


Class Reviews

"I absolutely loved taking the Cross & Co. Curls training! Erica was an excellent teacher and I learned so much! I am now certified and ready to assist my curly hair beauties!!!"


-Canitra LaShae

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