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The Art of Custom Cuts, Color, & Curls

Curly Hair Education For All!

Join To Get Insight On Waves, Curls, & Coils!!!

We are offering Online Tutorials, On Location/Virtual Zoom Classes. There will be designated classes for licensed salon pros and styling classes for non-licensed (ex:clients) to get in on this curl knowledge as well!

Join us for curly cutting, curly highlights, and/or curly styling insight. Learn how we approach curls to create desired shapes, dimension, and style with curls to really complete the whole look! There is a HUGE curl community out there and we want to connect!​

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Our Reviews

"This class was very informative and so much fun! I can honestly walk away confident in the knowledge and tips I received today! Definitely a game changer for me and my business!!"


-Jennifer Nicole

Multiple Education Options Coming Soon!

Please reach out to info@crosscosalon if you have any questions about upcoming events.