Meet Lorens

"I can’t wait to care for your curls and have you leaving the salon with an abundance of knowledge and confidence."

Hey there, I’m Lorens! I am a native Puertorriqueña but have lived in Texas for the majority of my life. I studied cosmetology at Aveda and my mission is to specialize in all things curls. 

Prior to Covid, I was performing professionally and on track to pursue my Broadway dreams. Now since the whole world was turned upside down I’ve been fervently pursuing my passion for hair and makeup. Cross & Co. Salon has been a huge part of my curly journey over the last several years thanks to Erica’s expertise and I’m ecstatic to be a part of the Cross & Co. team!


When I'm not working I enjoy eating charcuterie boards with my husband while binging our favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu. You can catch me on the weekends either trying new hair products or completely turning myself into someone else onstage or with makeup.


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