To Empathize. To Educate. To Encourage.

To Empathize: I want to hear your hair-story! Tell me all about you and how your hair effects your look. What is your hobby/lifestyle/work? What is a typical morning look like for you? What are your hair goals? What are your struggles? What do you love about your hair? What are your pros and cons in regards to your experiences in salons? I want to know it all! As much as you are comfortable sharing of course, but knowing your hopes and fears allows me to avoid things you may dislike and help out the best I can :)


To Educate: I am passionate in helping clients love their hair by showng them step by step how to style their curls at home. Its all fine and dandy when one gets their hair done by a professional but then what about after?? As a curly client myself, my goal is to help all of my clients to know how to care for their curls. I invite clients to ask as many questions as they'd like. I am here to HELP!

To Encourage: I take JOY in being a part of my client's hair journey! I love watching the hair transform for the better before my eyes. With some clients that happens right away and then there's others that require a bit more time but the end result is so gratifying when my clients send me photos or messages how I have helped them love their curls again. I want to encourage everyone to love their waves/curls! I am THANKFUL that with each client I are given the opportunity to assist in my own little way. 

To those who have visted me, thank you for trusting me with your hair.

To those who plan to, thank you for considering me.

xoxo- Erica R. LeCross of Cross & Co. Salon