Frequently Asked Questions

How To Prepare For Your Curly Visit:

  • Please come in with a couple of inspiration pictures. It will give us a better visual of what direction you would like to go in with your session.

  • We ask that you come with your hair recently washed (day 1 or 2)

  • No tangles, matting, knots, etc. If extensive detangling in salon is required then the appointment will have to be rescheduled or additional fee.

  • Come in with your hair 100% dried either air dried or diffused styled (however you normally style your curls with or without product) so we can get an idea of your current style. 

  • Hair should be in natural curls/wash and go style out (not straightened, no braid outs, no twist outs, etc)

  • Prior to your appointment, it’s best to let your hair hang loosely and avoid ponytail holders, headbands, or clips, etc.

What Is A Curly Cut:

  • Mostly a dry cut process specifically for curls/waves/coils-

  • We incorporate many curly cutting techniques tailored for each client (ex: devacut, rezocut, etc)

  • Appoinment includes detox/clarifying treatments, deep conditioning treatments, cut, styling, and curl coaching.

How Often To Schedule Curly Cut:

  • We suggest 3 months but because everyone's situation is different some may need to come in before the 3 month mark or later.

  • We dont suggest waiting longer than 6 months.

  • If you are wanting to grow your hair out, we can customize the cut to maintain length and reshape.

Cancellation/Rescheduling/Late Policy:

  • Please give us 24hr notice for any cancellations or rescheduling of your appointment so that we may have time to get others in from the waiting list.

  • If 24hrs notice is not given a late cancel/reschedule fee of 50% will be charged of your appointment scheduled.

  • If a NO SHOW occurs, you will be charged 100% of your service scheduled.

  • If you are running late please give us a call to notify at 214-612-7677 (do note that if you are running behind longer than 15min we may have to reschedule but will do our best to provide your service with the remaining time alloted) 

  • Though there is a card on file to secure the appointment, a physical/digital card does need to be present at time of checkout. (We accept NFC payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)